About AAL Group

AAL LTD delivers first class products and services, ensuring our customers’ care services stay operational 24/7.

Whether you’re caring for someone at home or are part of the NHS, we’re here to support you.

Our business supplies only high quality equipment. All our products are known for their reliability and efficiency. We believe in providing the best equipment at the best price.

How it started

AAL LTD was founded by Stephen Pritchard who is a T7 paraplegic with a brachial plexus right arm, also called tri-plegic, caused by a motorbike accident in '92 whilst serving in the Royal Air Force. In February '05 Stephen resigned from his job as an IT manager in order to devote himself to AAL LTD. He wanted to create and offer the services he had been unable to find when needing to travel.

He also wanted to work with accommodation service providers to take them beyond an unrealistic or poorly advised interpretation of accessibility and help them understand the requirements of disabled people.

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18 Hazel Grove

Registered in England 07987228
VAT no: GB 133 0221 76

Telephone: +44 (0) 1772 814 555

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